Parallax - the iPad-only photography magazine


Talk about a niche market. The dudes over at Bedouin Ventures have just launched a photography magazine that’s exclusive to the iPad. They wanted to create something that played to the iPad’s strengths and wasn’t just a glorified pdf loaded with adverts. So they came up with Parallax, a magazine which is zoomable, includes slideshows and videos, and makes use of hyperlinks.

The first edition has just been released. All you have to do is download the Parallax app for £1.79 ($2.99) and then you’ll be able to access the content wherever you are. (Except for the hyperlinks. You’ll need an internet connection for those.) Said content includes an interview with photographer Sebastiaan Bremer, how to build your own studio, a new perspective on wedding photography, a healthy dose of inspiration from Big Sur in California, and a fair bit more.

Parallax’s focus is on great images and good writing. And of course making the most of being exclusive to the iPad.

According to the website, Parallax is a quarterly publication, but also according to the website the next edition will be available in Winter 2010. Perhaps they run on an exclusive calendar?

Interested? You can find out more from the website, or you can download the app from the App Store. If you’ve an iPad.