Oh Gap, get it together!

Chris Devers vs Gap

Imagine how surprised you might feel if you were to walk into a multi-national clothing store and find that a picture you took is being used as the base for a design on one of their garments. I’m guessing my surprise levels would register at ‘Astonished’. They’d probably be followed by anger at rating ‘Livid’. Well, Chris Devers has just found out that the Gap has reproduced his photo of a rather lovely Jaguar E-type on some kiddies’ clothes. (Yes, it’s pretty obvious the design came from his photo.) All credit to him, he seems remarkably calm. Given the circumstances.

Chris has set out just how you can determine that it was his picture that is the base design for that used on a Gap ‘thermal body double’ vest. They’ve used it on a baby-grow, too.

Sheesh Gap! Yes, it was licensed under Creative Commons, but it was non-commercial and with no derivatives. I’m pretty convinced that you’ve managed to violate both of those terms by selling a derivative of the image on your clothes. Would a phone call, or an email, be too much trouble? Perhaps they’re just too big, and too busy, and too important to worry about the rest of us?

Chris is waiting for a response from Gap. And biting his tongue in the process. I’ll let you know when I hear any more.

(Obviously the image is Chris Devers’. And a headsup goes to A Photo Editor.)