News in brief: No, you really can't text in here

Okay, this isn’t regular Small Aperture-fodder, but it was far too good not to share. Standing up for those of us who pay to see films on the big screen without the irritation of chit-chat, mobile phones, and general unnecessary interruptions, a cinema in Austin, Texas ejected a persistent texter. The Alamo Drafthouse cinema has a no mobiles policy and the young lady had been warned twice. But anyway. When she proceded to leave a (remarkably composed) tirade of complaint on the cinema’s voicemail, they turned it to their advantage. It’s become their no-mobile-phone trailer.

This is censored version (just in case). But if you want to see the uncut, potty-mouthed version in all its glory, toddle over to the Alamo Drafthouse’s blog.

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