News in brief: Flickr re-confirm user rights

After TwitPic’s recent brush with licence grabbing, a few other photo sites have gone under the loupe – and Flickr decided to post their response to the issue in their most recent blog post.

‘There has been some discussion on the web as of late about image ownership on photo sites so we wanted to take a moment to address this on Flickr,’ the blog post notes drily.

In their official statement, Flickr say that they ‘feel very strongly that sharing online shouldn’t mean giving up rights to your photos,’ and continue to confirm that their terms of service only includes a licence required by Flickr to operate its service – specifically, it ‘grants Flickr the right to (…) create the small, medium, and large sizes, display your photos on the site, etc. It doesn’t mean that we own them. When you upload your photos to Flickr, you retain the rights to your images.’

That’s the spirit, Flickr. Well done.

There’s more on the official Flickr blog.

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