New software translates photo keywords

If you’re not working with photos professionally, you can’t really be blamed for not bothering with key-wording your photos. If you do, however, a new piece of software by Bedouin Ventures called BabelPix may just make your life a hell of a lot easier.

The software idea is laughably simple – it takes the keywords embedded into a photograph and translates them for you. So what, I hear you think, but this is actually a pretty big deal: These key-words are the very words that are used by stock agencies (such as Alamy) to search through their databases of images.

In other words, if you manage to keyword your images in more languages, you could instantly have access to a series of new markets. 


The software accepts .jpg or .tif image files with embedded keywords and translates those files to other languages with a simple interface. The English-Spanish/Spanish-English version was released today, but that more versions are in the works, including Chinese, German, and other languages.

It’s Java-based and runs on all platforms, and costs us$40. Check it out on the BabelPix website if you’re interested!

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