New from Blurb for 2011

Screen shot 2011-01-20 at 10.44.13

The dudes over at Blurb (you know, who let you print your own books) had a rather busy 2010. Amongst quite a few things, they delivered over 1.4 million books for their customers (which by my very dodgy maths and making a few assumptions, is not quite enough to reach the moon, but it’s still A Lot), ran pop-up shops in London and New York, launched Blurb en Francais, and made it even easier for people to make books. It doesn’t look as if they’ll be sitting on their laurels in 2011, though.

They’re still keeping a few tricks up their sleeves, but Blurb highlights for 2011 will include:

  • The ability to publish for iPads, or whichever other tablet device rocks your world
  • A new bespoke service, offering swanky papers, end sheets, and cover materials, for people looking for Very Posh Books
  • Offering everything that they do… in German
  • An increase in their online distribution outlets, so you might be able to sell a few more copies
  • The Blurb Academy (or something like it) will be taking to the road
  • And you might even see them on TV or in a magazine.

If you’re interested in putting together your own photobook, you could do worse than see what Blurb has to offer.