New entry-level Nikon


Nikon-D40.jpgBlah-blah-Photocritic doesn’t write about products-blah-blah-whatever. I’m excited about the launch of the new Nikon D40, and I’m a self-professed Canon man, so god knows you should be excited too!

The D40 is the newest, most inexpensive member of Nikon’s entry-level digital SRL range, announced only a few days ago. To reduce cost, some features of the D50 have been simplified to give a suggested retail price of only US$600 with the 18-55mm G-II kit lens. 


The camera is lower spec than the Canon EOS 400D, but in a market where the cheapest dSLR will always pick up some new buyers, this might just be the edge that Nikon needs in the neverending Canon/Nikon war.

Excited yet? Good, you should be. The images of the new D40 were leaked a while ago, but now, the first reviews are trickling through as well. Read lots more about the Nikon D50 on Wikipedia, Digital Photo Review, and if you want one, check out Froogle (uk / us) to find the best prices!

(thanks for the heads-up, David!)

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