New details about Photoshop CS3


Picture-3.jpgYou can’t argue the fact that Photoshop is an incredibly important tool to photographers, so when I found more info about the upcoming Photoshop CS3, on Think Secret, I was incredibly excited. Sad, isn’t it? 


Photoshop CS3′s interface is said to closely resemble the look and feel of Adobe After Effects 7, with easy palette organization and brightness adjustment for the overall interface itself. Palettes can be moved, minimized, customized or collapsed down to a single icon with ease; even that familiar two-column toolbar can be converted into a narrower single column bar, if desired.

Another new feature substantially improving both workflow and raw performance is Live Filters, which effectively brings the dynamic editing features of Layer Styles to Filters. The pixel radius of a Gaussian Blur, for example, can be adjusted long after it has been applied with just a single mouse click. Sources report substantial performance improvements to the filters themselves, as well, and have speculated that Photoshop may now be tapping the GPU of the video card to help the CPU crunch filters.

Incredible stuff, can’t wait. In the meantime check out the rest of the article over on Think Secret. There is also more information on Pocket Lint, Mac NN, Apple Insider, Digit News and Mac World! Eat yer heart out, kids…

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