Name your Dream Assignment - Winners!


If you can remember back to mid February, I did a post called If you can dream it, you can do it – which, among other things, called out for entries for the Name Your Dream Assignment competitions.

I was one of the judges, and Christ with a jetpack, if people didn’t come up with some absolutely awesome ideas…

The winner, Picture Hope is a well put together bid for a photographic project full of hopes, ideas, and more than a little bit of passion for a cause – and a well-deserved winner, in my opinion. Also check out the two runners-ups!

Incidentally, the Lenovo laptop the 3 winners win is pretty damn awesome – a huge 17-inch screen and a built-in Wacom tablet to do your photo editing on might actually be enough to (gasp) make me consider having a closer look. Now if only I could run Mac OS X on it somehow, I’d be a very happy bunny indeed…

Anyway, a huge congratulations to the winners, and if you didn’t win – go ahead and fulfill your dream assignment anyway. Especially you, Doubletrax – your Changes in Latitude project deserves a special mention here, because it was the one I found myself telling people about in the pub!

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