My new book: Photographing People

The day I was born, my father took one look at me, and walked to the nearest camera shop. He bought his first SLR camera – a Canon A1 – and a couple of lenses. I still have that camera, and it serves as a reminder of why photography is so important - and of why people decide to start taking photos in the first place.

To me, photography is very closely linked with people. Don't get me wrong, I love taking photos of landscapes, and I have been known to take the occasional still life and macro photo in my time (I even wrote a book on the latter). Nonetheless, to me, photography really comes alive when I'm taking photos of people, be it in a formal setting (like studio portraiture or wedding photos), a bit more relaxed (impromptu photo sessions with friends) or even if I'm sneaking around taking photos of complete strangers when I'm abroad somewhere.

As such, it made sense that I would write a book on how to take photos of people. A lot of hard work later, and it's going on sale imminently. Go on, you know you want a copy...

(The images in the gallery above are a small selection of the pics from Chapter 5 - 'Getting Creative')

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