Most popular of 2010

Most popular in 2010 I know I already did my 'best photos of 2010' (and there's also the "best picture by the Small Aperture crew" post), but I figured I'd also share with you what the most popular posts in the past year have been - if popularity is anything to go by, make sure you haven't missed these posts...

On Small Aperture, my photography news blog:

  1. 10 ravishing rain-filled shots
  2. When the revolution comes
  3. Canon Powershot S95 reviews round-up
  4. Astonishing astrophotography
  5. Small gifts for the photographer in your life
  6. Interview: Eric Cheng, underwater photographer
  7. 10 of the best: iPhone apps
  8. A Lightroom love-in?
  9. Nokia's film shot on a phone
  10. So you call yourself a photographer?

Here on Pixiq:

  1. Macro photography for $10
    How to get in really, really close for next to no money.
  2. Top 50 photography websites
    Fifty morsels of awesome, all in one handy list!
  3. Prime Lenses
    (and why you need one)
  4. How To: Concert Photography
    Get the best shots of live bands, as they rock their way to stardom
  5. The ultimate guide to HDR photography
    For when your normal dynamic range just doesn't quite reach...
  6. Photographing smoke
    ... For images that are hot, hot hot.
  7. Creating a photography portfolio
    The better your portfolio, the more chance you'll make it as a famous 'tog!
  8. Choosing your first dSLR
    Your guide to a tricky but important choice...
  9. 100 amazing iPhone photos
    ... What are you waiting for? Grab your phone and start snapping!
  10. The dirty tricks of food photographers
    Fancy some motor oil, spray deodorant and and shoe polish with your dinner?
  11. Nude photography 101
    Photographing your girlfriend

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