Minolta 35mm to digital conversion


dslr.jpgI think this write-up by GPS aware is most likely to be a joke (the quality of the pictures doesn’t inspire much faith, anyway), but it seems to be a funny project anyway. It re-opens the ages-old discussion of “So, I have a great 35mm camera, why can’t I convert it into a digital camera?”. 


There are, of course, commercial products available that will help you out, called Digital Backs, such as this one for Mamiya medium formats, and the legendary Phase One backs for Hasselblads, etc. These products will cost enough money that you could put down a deposit for a house and buy a car for the same money, and is therefore largely limited to commercial (advertising) photographers.

On the cheap, you are looking for a different approach. Such as GPS Aware, who took a broken Minolta and stuck a webcam to it.

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