Meeting mr. Ray

12 meters under the ocean, in a ton of Scuba gear. My Canon Powershot S95 is loaded into the underwater housing I reviewed a while back. We've only just come down the mooring line at Koh Bon, just off the coast of Thailand, in the Andaman sea.

Suddenly, one of the divers in my group shouts. I laugh - someone shouting under water does work, but it's not a very useful way of communicating. When I'm laughing, my mask gets water in it, and I clear it from my dive mask, whilst looking in the direction the diver is pointing.

Out of the blue, I can see an enormous animal. Three meters across, easily. It's a Manta Ray, and it is coming toward us. Slowly. Gracefully.

What can I say. Wildlife photography is one thing. Wildlife photography in the ocean, where animals either don't know or don't care what you are, is something different altogether.

One things is for sure - it's a dive I'll remember the rest of my life.


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