Making an epic collage


When I moved from Liverpool to Bristol a few years ago, the first couple of weeks in my new house, I didn’t have an internet connection. I felt rather lonely, and decided to look through some images of my old friends. I grew to realise that I had an incredible amount of them.

So many, in fact, that I figured I might as well turn them into a piece of art…  


All my Friends and Lovers (click for bigger)I created a 7500×5000 pixel Photoshop document, and split it into a grid of 2,730 squares of 1cm each, with a small gap in between. These squares were to become the framework upon which I was going to crop the images of all my friends.

In the end, I lost track of how many photos I used, but it must have been about 200 or so. The whole job took more than 100 hours work and resulted in a 400 MB Photoshop file

I had Photobox print me a huge poster-sized photographic print of it (and by huge, I mean a whopping 20×30 inches). The poster is now hanging on the inside of my door. Whenever I let my eyes scan across the photos, I can’t help but think there’s a lot of people out there – so many people, so many friends, so many memories.

You can’t be lonely when you have a poster of that many people close to your heart on the wall!

Check out the much-higher-resolution version on Flickr, and if you fancy having a go at making your own, you can download the Photoshop grid (76kb ZIP file which expands to a 7.8mb(!) Photoshop PSD) I used to make this. Enjoy!

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