London photographers, take extra care of your kit

There have been reports of people acting suspiciously in the vicinity of photographers in central London over the past few days. On Saturday, Luke Robinson noticed someone keeping vulture-like eyes on photographers around Waterloo Bridge and the Southbank. The person in question was holding an SLR lens, but no body, bag, or other kit. Robinson spotted the 'dodgy chap' as he headed towards him, but swerved out of the way at the last minute.

Today, AFP photographer Leon Neal reported seeing 'two masked men riding a black scooter with taped-up number plates, doing laps of Westminster Magistrates court, checking out gear.' The motocyclists aborted their third pass when Neal and his colleagues made it clear they had been noticed. However, there are now reports that both Sky and BBC news crews have been targeted, with cars broken into and gear stolen.

Please be extra vigilant, report suspect behaviour, and don't place yourself in unnecessary danger. Remember: you're worth more than your kit.