Lomotomizing photographs

We’ve told you what Lomography is, how it works, and we’ve even established that, while the results are rather special, Lomography doesn’t magically defy the laws of physics (aw, shucks).

But what do you do if you cannot be bothered to actually buy a Lomo camera?

Enter the 21st century: What we can’t do with cameras, we’ll replicate digitally! The upside of this is that there are quite a few different ways to Lomotomize* a photo! 


The hard-core version of lomotomising a photo is to just build a digital Lomo. Not for the faint of heart, I must say, but it’s a funny project! If you are into your slightly more obscure cameras, you could try a Digital Holga, of course.

If you aren’t quite up for that challenge, you could try to replicate the Lomo effect in Photoshop manually (or like this), or if you’re a lazy sod, there’s even a plug-in that does it all for you – with less control and creative input, of course, but to be honest you don’t have that much control over what a real Lomo camera does to your photos either.

Have fun!

*) As I’m writing this, my fantastic pun has never been used before: the word Lomotomize or its UK spelling equivalent Lomotomise don’t exist in Google! I feel very special for having invented a new word!

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