Little-ish gifts for photographers, seeing as the season is almost here

Lens cleaning pen for under £5

The season of frenzied gift-giving is nigh upon us, meaning that it is time to wheel out Daniela's quick and dirty guide to finding perfect pressies for the photographer in your life. (Or you could just send people whom you love in this general direction for gifts that you might wish to receive.) Quirky or practical, the criterion for today's selection was that it had to come in sub-£25 (or around $40). Credit cards at the ready? Let's go shopping!

Lens cleaning pens are super-useful. They're also super-easy to pick up from Amazon UK for £3.90 or Amazon US for $7.15

These cute camera-shaped rubber stamps can even be customised if you ask cupcaketree very nicely. They're only £6 from cupcaketree's Etsy shop.

Grey cards - everyone should have a set of grey cards in their kit bags. This rather groovy set from Photocritic even has nifty hints and tips printed on the bag, all for a bargainalicious £7.95, available on Amazon.

In addition to the lens cleaning pen, how about a little air blower to help shift dust spots, too? This one from Giottos is £7.50 from Amazon UK or $9 from Amazon US.

If you're not fortunate enough to have a memorycard reader integrated into your laptop, you'll likely find one useful. This version from Kingston is curently a bargain at just over $10 on Amazon US or £8 from Amazon UK.

Last year I suggested that you might wish to buy the male photographer in your life a set of cufflinks; this year, it's the turn of lady-photographers. Now, they might want cufflinks, too, but perhaps they'd prefer earrings? How about these for $12?

Fancy a tipple? How about from a hipflask decorated with a hand-drawn camera? These gorgeous things are only $14.95 from buyalex on Etsy.

I still handwrite quite a bit, and if I don't use a fountain pen, then I use pencil. A camera-shaped pencil sharpener would be an ideal addition to my desk, and probably my brother's too. They're $14.99 from Amazon US.

Last of all, cleaning your own sensor might sound a bit scary, but there's plenty of advice on how to do it, and kits available from Amazon to help you! Just make sure that you pick up the correct size for your camera. These kits are for 1.6 crop factor sensors and cost £16.85 from Amazon UK and $24.95 from Amazon US.

How's that for a start? Don't forget, you can always take a look at last year's suggestions, too!