The biggest one-day time-lapse event ever: #LapseLondon

What happens when you take 40 time-lapse photographers, and you give them a mission: Create a love story to London? Well, my team over at Triggertrap decided to try and find out. With incredible success, I might add.

Under the expert guidance of professional timelapse photographer Chad Gordon Higgins and award-winning urban photographer Nicholas Goodden, the gang of eager photographers set out across the city to capture London from their own perspective.

By the end of the day the team of photographers had created clips shot from a whole range of London’s landmarks, from Tower Bridge to Camden Market, Oxford Circus to the Thames Barrier, and even gained access to the BBC Newsroom in full swing. The LapseLondon photographers managed to cover a huge variety of London views and experiences, highlighting the amazing and diverse city it is.

The 80 clips were assembled from well over 35,000 individual photographs, representing a total of over 40 hours spent timelapsing across the capital - all in a single day. The final video is an ode to London, showing the beauty of one random day in December in London through the eyes of 40 photographers.

See the behind-the scenes documentary

And then there's LapseLondon itself!