King of the Road!


As some of you will have caught via Twitter or Facebook, I’ve recently left my job as a Senior Producer at Channel Five, and am about to set up on my own, as an editorial consultant. Sounds posh, means very little indeed, beyond the fact that I’ll be spending a lot of time writing books, and being a freelance journalist / writer / busybody and MAN OF LEISURE.

Before I embark on my new career as the boss of the freshly minted Kamps Consulting Ltd, however, I’m going to ride my rather awesome yellow Kawasaki Versys (FAQ: No, they don’t come in yellow. Yes, I painted it myself. No, it’s the kind of paint they use to paint lines on the roads with. Yes, I did paint it with paint rollers. Well, if you don’t come too closely, it looks quite good) all around northern Europe.

I’m setting off in exactly a week (the 10th of June), and will be gone the rest of the month, so there won’t be too many tweets or Photocritic updates in June – apart from this page, of course, where you can keep track of my progress! 


Where are you right now?

Self with Bike IIBy the power of the rather awesome BrightKite, you can keep track of my journey as it goes down.

I’m hoping to post some photos, updates, and – of course, my location so you can keep track.

If you’re particularly curious, subscribe to the RSS feed, or you can follow my progress on Twitter – I’ve set up @3500miles as a special account for this trip.

On the map below, you can to click ‘next’ and ‘previous’ to see how the trip has been progressing!

(Update: The map below only shows the 20 most recent updates – I’ll try to figure out how to make it show all of them, but for now, to read back in time properly, check out the BrightKite page for this trip)


Photos from the trip

These are the photos I’ve added to the Grand European Tour set on my Flickr stream:



Put simply: London – Dover – Dunkirk – Netherlands – Germany – ferry to Gothenburg – Oslo – Bergen – Kristiansand – Oslo again – Roskilde – Den Helder – Dunkirk – London… With a whole load of breaks and stops in between to visit friends, visit sights, and do whatever catches my fancy. I reckon it’ll be about 3500 miles (hence being able to follow me on @3500miles on Twitter, you see).

You can look at it below or open it up in Google Maps.

View Larger Map

So… When are you back?

I should be back in the beginning of July – so until then, have a very lovely summer, and stay awesome, everyone!

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