Jim Jannard is stepping down as Head of Red

Eight years after taking on Sony, Arri, and Panavision in an attempt to create a digital cinema camera that was 'respectful to film'; six years after delivering on his promise of a 4K camera under $20k, with the Red One; and after seeing his cameras used to create feature films spanning from The Amazing Spiderman to The Social Network, Jim Jannard has announced that he's had enough, that he's tired, and that he's stepping down as the face of Red. He will be replaced by Jarred Land.

With the release of the Dragon sensor, part of the Red ideal to make obsolesence obsolete with more resolution, more dynamic range, and more color depth, Jannard is done. In his words: 'I read on CML and other idiotic forums, that I an a hypester, a scam artist. I just have to wonder what these guys are smoking. But I have to say... they have gotten to me. I don't need this. I don't deserve this. Life is short and I am tired.'

He set out to address what he saw as a shortcoming in the camera industry and, as to be expected, made some enemies along the way. It probably means he got something right.

You can read his full statement over on RedUser.