iPhone photography exhibit


The virtual image of the iPhone gets exhibited in the real space on the walls of the Giorgi Gallery in Berkeley, CA.

Since the advent of the coupling of the digital camera with the mobile phone, we have witnessed an explosion in the number of photos taken: A folk art form has unfolded where the depiction of reality and spontaneous events has been assisted not through the sophistication of the camera, but through its ubiquitous presence in our everyday lives.

iPhone images are crude with low resolution, so they must be judged by their basic composition and the manner at which they capture the moment, as well as how well the photographer uses the limitations of the camera to express a vision. With this show we are not looking for seductive images loaded with technique, but images that are alive with the ephemeral spirit of reality.

Join the fun

200 images will be printed and displayed in the gallery for the month of February 2010, and will be sold as individual works of art. A book will be published that will include all of the images along with names and a short bio of each iphonetographer.

We welcome all applicants and encourage amateurs, since there is no such thing as a professional iphontographer, at least not yet, as far as we know. For many of the artist this will be their first introduction to having their work shown in a gallery, and we look forward to the chance to discover new talent!