Introduction to Photoshop Techniques

Adobe Photoshop is going to be your best buddy in the whole wide world, if you are working with photography to any degree.

In its simplest guise, Photoshop is great for doing simple things, such as correcting colours, cropping images, rotating them slightly, and adjusting contrast. From here on, you can do just about anything you can dream of with photos: Advanced image manipulation etc.

Because Photoshop is such an incredibly powerful package, it can also be downright scary, however… 


So it is a good thing that there are magazines such as Digital Camera magazine, that aim to reduce some of the learning curve involved with learning how to use Adobe Photoshop properly. In this case, the lads have put together a simple guide Photoshop techniques, including colour balance, hue/saturation, levels, curves, brightness/contrast, and an approximation as to what happens when you over-do the techniques.

It’s not rocket science, but it’s a really short and rather readable introduction to one of the best image editing packages out there.

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