On not taking photos and black eyes: Team Photocritic in conversation

If you missed Team Photocritic live in conversation yesterday afternoon from Ilex HQ in Lewes, you're in luck. There's a recording of our musings on our newest books, collaborating with other photographers, and setting up Photocritic. I think that there's only one major use of profanity and somehow we work cake into the dialogue. Not bad for an afternoon's work in front of a camera.

There's also 50% off the digital versions of our books in Ilex's webstore for a few more days, but you'll need a special code to claim it. And that's revealed during the interview. Mwahahaha!

Big thanks to Adam at Ilex for setting up the session and acting as technical director, being the Voice of God, and editing the recording. If you couldn't guess, we really enjoyed ourselves.

And the name I so embarrassingly forgot: Adrian Sommeling. Profuse apologies.