Hero2 helmet cam can record heroic exploits with bikes, cars, and surfboards


If my Ma had her way, she’d strap one of these things to my helmet whilst I’m racing around London on my bicycle so that she can yell at drivers when they cut me up and yell at me when I zip in and out of traffic. (My bicycle is called Elspeth, by the way.) It’s the GoPro HD Hero2 helmet cam; the super-improved replacement for Go-Pro’s already rather wonderful original Hero helmet camera that records your awesome adventures as you go careening around race tracks and tumbling through waves so that you can relive them with mates and beer whilst you nurse your bruises.

It captures 1080p HD video and 11 megapixel photos. That’s a bit of upgrade from the previous five megapixels, eh? The new lens should be better in low-light, too. Come the winter, you’ll even be able to stream your exploits live via Wifi (if there’s an available Wifi connection, obviously). And the interface has been redesigned so that you should, in theory, be able to use it without the need for destructions.

You can select from three different angles of view: narrow (90º), medium (127º), and wide (170º) for your video, or there’s medium or wide for your timelapse photos that you can set for every half second.

The Hero2 comes in three flavours – outdoor, motorsport, and surf – and is retailing at $299.99. There’s more info from GoPro.

No Ma, if you’re reading this, I’m not getting one. But I’d love to see someone’s exploits as they hurtle down a mountainside with one attached to their helmet.