Going to the Moo-vies


There are dozens of ways of presenting your photographs, but ultimately, we all want to distribute our photos in as classy a way as possible. Moo is an unusual printing company that might just be able to help.

It’s very easy to explain what Moo is – it’s web 2.0 meets photography meets printing. What isn’t as easy to explain, however, is why people go completely bonkers about Moo’s products. It helps that it’s great quality at bargain-basement prices, of course, but there’s also other things at play – a little something that the Big Brother generation would call the X Factor…

minicards.jpgThe simplest product Moo does is Moo minicards. It’s like business cards, but with a difference: Upload up to 100 pictures, or let Moo take the photos directly from your Flickr stream, and you get up to 100 different mini business cards.

Whatever you choose to have printed on the back stays the same across the range of cards, of course, but if you want, you can have 100 different fronts: Perfect for a photographer who wants to stand out from a crowd, or if you want to give cards to your friends. At only £10 for 100 cards, they’re so cheap that you can print them on a whim. Print your birthday invitations, your web site address, or anything you’d like to spread out there.

notecards1.jpgAnd that’s where the greatness of Moo cards come in. The first time someone gets a Moo minicard in their hands, the response is, invariably, Ooh, wow, that’s superb! Then, they usually run off to get their own Moo cards printed. Then, something fun happens: The second time someone gets a Moo card, they smile conspiratorially, and nod. And that’s where the fraternity of Moo begins.

In addition to the fabulous Moo cards, you can get Moo Notecards, which is like postcards, but cooler, and Moo Stickers, which gives you a sticker-book of 100 small square stickers – a perfect way to cheer up your envelopes with your own photographs. Or – seeing as you can, of course, add text in your images – have a guerilla art project. Tip: Print up 100 stickers with ‘have you smiled yet today’, and sticker them everywhere in your school or office building. Your janitor will hate you, but people will be smiling in a bemused kind of way for weeks, while the more obscurely hidden stickers are found, over time.

stickerbook1.jpgStill not convinced?

Step 1) Try searching for Moocards on Flickr
Step 2) Check out the Moo site!


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And no, I know what you’re thinking – I’m not being paid to write this. Although hey, if they want to let me print up some sticker books so I can make the world around me smile, I wouldn’t turn them down!

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