Gallery: First Steps into an Underwater World

Looking up can occasionally reveal some incredible sights

This week, I will be certified as a SSI Master Diver, and a PADI Divemaster, all at once. If you're not really into diving, don't worry about it: The two certifications basically just mean that I've been spending a silly amount of time under water... Some of that time, I've been playing with my Canon Powershot S95 and a SeaShell SS-1 underwater housing (the latter of which I reviewed here on Pixiq a few days ago)

It turns out that the S95 is a great tool for the job - especially because it has a brilliant imaging sensor, and stores the images in RAW - perfect for teasing out the reds that get lost at depth.

So, without further ado - an image gallery of some of my recent underwater photos - all taken at dive sites near Koh Tao, Thailand.


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