Flixel brings your iPhone photos to life

Flixel is an iPhone application that lets people easily create 'living photos'. Where traditional photos are completely still, a living photo contains a portion of seamless and infinitely looping motion. Whether it's hair blowing in the wind, or a flickering fire in the background of an otherwise still image, the effect can be mesmerizing.


Flixel is a platform for discovering, creating, and sharing these beautiful (and occasionally quirky) living photos. The creation process is simple: record a short scene, 'paint' the portion of the image that will animate, then share on a variety of social networks including Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, and Flixel's own.

After seeing rapid growth upon its initial launch in April, the company assessed feedback from its community and proceeded with a complete refresh of its platform. Flixel 2.0 makes it faster and easier than ever to create, view and share this incredible new form of art.


Flixel's transformation has included the ability to create living photos at double the original frame rate and in full color, while dramatically speeding up the viewing experience. Flixel provides fast and simple creation for the average person, while still providing artists the fine-grained creative control they need.


Inspired by Kevin Burg and Jamie Beck's 'Cinemagraphs', LeBlanc stumbled upon these beautiful moving images in late August 2011, and was immediately intrigued by the possibility of an iPhone experience.

"We were so enthralled by Cinemagraphs but burdened by the complexity and time required to create them." said LeBlanc. "With Flixel, we feel we've now achieved a creative experience that blends speed, simplicity, and art - pushing the boundaries of photography."

To showcase the beauty of this new art form, Flixel has produced a music video composed entirely of living photos created with its application:



For more info about Flixel, check out Flixel.com