Is Flickr 3.0 for iOS and Android on its way?

So this just appeared in my Feedly feed: Flcikr 3.0 Feedly

And when I clicked through to read the article, I encountered this:

Flickr 3.0 blog

Which implies that a major update to Flickr for mobile is imminent, but that somehow, someone got the blog post announcements a little out-of-synch.

Flickr's mobile apps underwent massive, and much-needed, over-hauls in August and December 2012 for Android and iOS respectively, while there was a significant upgrade to the iOS app's camera and editing function in August last year. Meanwhile, the desktop version underwent a significant redesign in May last year and has seen a new photo-page launch over the past six months.

What Flickr 3.0 for mobile holds, I don't know. But I have to say, I'm quite excited to see where it's going!