Faith: new lighting stands and tripods

Inspired Photo Gear, the guys behind the lightweight and cute-looking Lollipod, have launched a similarly lightweight and easy-to-erect lighting stand and two tripods that can also be extended in a flash. The Faith lighting stands use the same 'pull to erect' system that the Lollipods do, but are a little more versatile than their smaller siblings, which can also be used to mount flashes. The Faith stands have an integrated umbrella holder, a cold shoe, and a concealed spike should the ground be on the soft side.

Faith SpeeLight Stand by InspiredPhotoGear

If you need to stabilise it, there's a pocket in the case bag. Just add water and it should keep things steady.

Faith SpeeLight Stand by InspiredPhotoGear

The Faith lighting stand weighs 540g, can hold up to 2.5 kg, has a maximum height 180cm, but folds down to 41.5cm for carrying purposes. It'll cost you £50, which is US$83, €61, or AU$96, and can be ordered from the Inspired Photo Gear online shop.

When it comes to tripods, there are two models on offer: smaller at £150 and bigger at £250. Either can both be erected in under six seconds, so I'm told, owing to their Flash Lock mechanism: pull the leg out fully and it will activate the auto lock function. It should take just 0.6 seconds to extend each leg and around 5 seconds to setup the entire tripod.

There's even a demonstration video to show just how fast you can erect one:

The larger tripod has a maximum height of 148cm and folds down to 39.5cm; it can support upto 30kg, and weighs 1.55kg. The smaller tripod also extends to 148cm but folds down to a more compact 33cm, weighs a slightly lighter 1.05kg, and consequently is capable of supporting 20kg. I'm not sure that the extra 10kg is worth the £100 difference in price, especially when the smaller tripod is more compact and lighter, too!

These, too, are available from the Inspired Photo Gear online shop.