Fancy attending the EyeEm Festival and Awards? Do we have an offer for you!

Full-throttle line-up; cut-price tickets

Last year, Team Photocritic flew off to Berlin for the inaugural EyeEm Festival and Awards, where Haje sat on a panel discussing the camera of tomorrow, Daniela led a forum debating photographic rights, and we both met a gaggle of very interesting people. We had an inspiring few days. This year, the extravaganza and party is moving to New York and with amazing people there to discuss what's next in photography, it looks as if it'll be just as good, if not better, than last year.  

So that you might have the opportunity to join in the fun, we had a quick chat with the EyeEm team, and we came up with a plan of which we can be proud. We're arranging for 10 of our readers to be able to purchase top-tier tickets at bargain-basement prices. 

We have 10 All Access Agency tickets available for $99. These passes admit you to everything that the festival and awards have to offer: the conference, the networking & drinks event, the exhibition opening, and the after-party. Normally you'd pay $150 to stimulate your braincells, rub shoulders with the likes of Ron Haviv and Stephen Mayes, enjoy the gorgeous photography at the awards, and then kill a few of those previously-stimulated braincells at the after-party with a bit too much alcohol; we reckon that $99 is a bargain.

This year's festival takes place in New York City on 18 September. You can see the full line-up over on EyeEm's festival page, but suffice to say with panels that include the photojournalist and founder of VII agency, Ron Haviv; photojournalist and film-maker Ed Kashi; Elizabeth Renstrom, who's the Photo Editor at Vice; NASA's image co-ordinator and social media specialist Rebecca Roth; not to mention a multitude of like-minded people and a cracking party, you'll have a brilliant time.

However, with only 10 reduced-price tickets up for grabs, how do we determine the lucky recipients? Easy: you need to tweet why you want to go to the EyeEm festival and awards and include the hashtag #EyeEmPC. Following both EyeEm and Photocritic on Twitter might go down well, too. You do that and we'll toss all of the entries submitted before 23:00 (BST) on Wednesday 2 September (so that's 18:00 EST, Wednesday 2 September) into a magical random selection device and let you know if you've been selected on Thursday 3 September 2015.

We do need to state, though, the reduced price tickets are all that we can offer. There's no travel, accommodation, or any other extras available or forms of responsibility taken and if your name is selected, you only get the chance to buy one All Access Agency pass at $99. Your name will only be entered into the tombola once, too. If you need to tell us why you want to go in two or three tweets, that's absolutely fine, but the tweets count as one entry. All clear? If you've any questions, please just ask.

On your marks! Get set! Tweet!