Digital Colorsplash


colorsplash.jpgLomography has been covered at length before, but people keep giving me fantastic tips about lomo photos, so I just can’t help but going back to the topic again and again.

This time, I got a tip about someone who’s made a digital version of the Lomo Coloursplash – essentially a cheap camera with a coloured gel in front of the flashgun.

What a brilliant idea! 


A Lomo Colorsplash is a weird little camera… As they put it themselves: “The opportunity of magically applying the ‘wrong’ colors to your image, just like the new and old masters, is adding an abstract edge to Lomography as a whole. It’s adding a new level of randomly generated interpretative possibilities, one that has never existed in the everyday artistic lives of Lomographers before.”

It’s an old concept, but it’s a good one, which is why the Colorsplash is selling reasonably well. In the age of digital photography, who still uses these things, though? Well, we sure don’t, so we were roused by Pikol’s account on how to make your own SLR colorsplash camera. It’s simple, it’s cheap, and it’s heaps of fun. Just the way we like it.

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