Digital Camera Magazine PotY 2006


Picture-2.jpgDigital Camera Magazine* is a fantastic magazine for all avid photographers, and the DCmag POTY (Photographer of the Year) competition is always a lot of fun. This year’s competition is well on its way, and it’ll be very exciting to see which of the highly talented photographers will run off with the top prize this year! 


Entry to Photographer of the Year 2006 is free, but you must be a member of the Digital Camera Magazine website before you are allowed to submit you entries. Once you have you DCMag account, you will be able to log in to the Photographer of the Year 2006 site and start uploading your entries straight away.

… So get an account, and submit a photo or two at DCmag POTY2006… it can’t harm to try, and who knows, perhaps this spurs you on to create great, new works of art!

Finally, you may have noticed that this entry is tagged “competitions”. I’m a big believer in participating in photography competitions to get good photo critique and to improve as a photographer, so expect more photo competition writeups soon!

*) Quick disclaimer: DCmag are published by Future Publishing, and I work for another publication at the same publishing house. Jake (the web editor over at DC Mag) is a great guy, but other than that, I have no connections to the magazine at all. I am not participating in POTY this year. You should, though!

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