Creative EVIL photography

creative_evil_268x300.jpgWhen it comes to cameras, E.V.I.L. is good! E.V.I.L. stands for Electronic-Viewfinder, Interchangeable-Lens–and it’s the most innovative, hottest, and stylish type of camera to hit the photography market in the past five years.

Hip amateurs and professionals alike are snatching these cameras up, and this book is tailored specifically to today’s trend-setting users. Creative E.V.I.L. Photography highlights the unique advantages offered by these mirrorless cameras, including incredible image quality despite their small size, more discreet street shooting, and great HD video.

With this specialized guide in hand, photographers will easily exploit the unique characteristics of their new equipment.

On sale now!

The book has been popping up in online bookshops here and there, but it's finally April 3rd, which means it's finally officially on sale everywhere! How. Bloody. Exciting!!

Find out more over on my site, and get yours today!