Creating photographic habits that stick

Have you ever noticed how you learn a lot faster when you're under some serious peer pressure? Wouldn't it be great if, when you've decided to learn a new photography technique, your social network on Facebook ramps up and tries their best to help you reach your goals?

My good friend Laurie has done just that. Combine it with the tips from my Breaking Photographer's Block article, and you're destined to learn faster than a kid the first day at school.

The trick behind HabitualApp is that you set yourself a goal: Do something for 30 days on the trot. If you miss a day, you go back to 'start', until what you are trying to do becomes part of your life - whether it is exercising every day, keeping your to-do list items low, or remembering to take a photo every day, it can help you along. Check it out on HabitualApp.


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