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IMG_9827-copy.jpgThe hawk-eyed among you will have noticed that we’ve got a couple of new features here on Photocritic. The most noticeable is a competitions calendar in the sidebar on the Photocritic home page.

You might have spotted that I’ve every now and again included some competitions into the site. This is because I love the idea of using competitions to turn you into a better photographer. Sadly, keeping a complete list of photography competitions up to date is damn near impossible, especially because that would detract from some of the other things I would like to talk about here on Photocritic. Instead, I’ve teamed up with the gang over at Photo Competitions. You should probably subscribe to their news feed anyway, but just in case you forget about entering a competition, you will have a reminder in the sidebar!

The other news item is that I’ve started promoting Earth Shots a bit more, by including their ‘photo of the day’ in the sidebar of the article pages. I really enjoy their photos, and quite frequently they serve as a reminder of why I became a photographer in the first place — to capture some of the beauty we surround us with.

Photo Competitions and Earth Shots — Welcome to Photocritic!

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