Cheap off-camera lighting kit


Picture-5.jpgOur mate over at Strobist (the newest entry in my “regularly read” photo blogs, btw) has created the Starving Student Off Camera Lighting Kit – or the SSO-CLK. It’s all common sense, but there’s so much of it, and it could save you a great number of dollars, pounds, yen, euros, or whatever you pay for your camera gear with.  


The SSO-CLK (for lack of a more poetic term) is designed to give you the most bang for your buck – with a nod toward extreme portability. It will work well with any camera that can be controlled manually and has a PC synch jack. Most SLR’s, digital or film, fit this bill. The flash is a vintage Nikon model, but it will work off-camera with anything that has a PC jack.

How can we resist? Check it out at the Strobist: Round Up: The “Starving Student” Off-Camera Light Kit.

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