Cash for cameras with

I'm a fan of second-hand camera kit, especially lenses. But in order to be able to buy second-hand gear, it relies on people actually selling on their old stuff. It's not just good value, it's good for sustainability, too. I also happen to be a bit of a picky madam; I'm not keen on using auction sites, for either buying or selling. So an online service run by a physical company? I like the sound of that.

To complement its physical and online first- and second-hand sales, Wilkinson Cameras (a camera retailer based in the north west of England) has launched to take your unwanted kit off your hands without having to go to one of their branches.

The system seems simple. You submit a detailed description of the gear you want to sell via the webuyanycamera site. A real live human being then assesses your wares and makes you an offer, usually within 24 hours of you submitting your inquiry. If you accept it, you bundle up your kit and send it to them; they inspect to make sure everything is as it should be and make your payment.

You can have a cash price paid directly into your bank account, take payment in Wilkinson vouchers, which gets you an extra 10% on top of the cash price, or use it in part-exchange against new kit.

Better yet, if they value your gear in excess of £500, they'll arrange for its collection, free of charge. You just have to package it.

It is a UK-only service, but people elsewhere in the world, please remember to sell on your old kit and take a look at second-hand goods. It's good for the environment and helps out people whose finances are a bit strapped.