Canon 400D / Digital Rebel XTi


400d.jpgI don’t normally write about camera equipment launches – there wouldn’t be much space for anything else on this blog if I did – but it’s rather worth noting that Canon are launching their brand new baby-brother of the digital SLR family, the 400D. 


It’s a massive upgrade over the 350D: Coming with a 10 mpx CMOS sensor, the same 2.5″ screen found on the bigger brethren in the Digi-EOS range, continuous shooting at up to 3 fps of up to 27 shots, and a price-tag that is expected to be around the same as the current 350D (just below the US$1K mark – or less than £600 or so), it should be a fantastically exciting option worth considering.

Interestingly, it’s also the first camera that gets the new Canon EOS Integrated Cleaning System. For more info, see the video below!

Personally I bought myself a new 30D this week (my 20D was getting tired of the abuse), because I prefer the sturdier metal alloy body and the faster 5fps shooting, but if I was looking for an entry-level d-slr body, the 400D gets my hottest, warmest, and most sincere recommendations.

More info about the 400D can be had at my favourite camera reviews and news site, Digital Photo Review!

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