Camera theory


eye.jpgI just found the best web page ever. I know, it’s a bit of a tall claim, but I think it’s probably the truth.

What if there was a web-site out there that explained in great detail how cameras work, history of photography, and offer up a ton of cheap mods you can do to a camera to broaden its use to astrophotography, micro photography, and lots of other nifty stuff? Yeah, I thought that’d catch your attention! 


The page in question is On Camera Creation, Standards, and Custom-made Cameras. It’s an amazing article on, and covers a tremendous number of big topics, including how cameras are built, how they work, how lenses attach to your camera, how focussing works, how shutters, aperture and… and…

Okay, so the article is a bit on the rambly side, but it’s an excellent read. What are you still reading this for? Go read the article!

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