Camera mounted on a bicycle


bike-steadycam.jpgI am quite fond of bicycling (I recently did the London to Brighton bikeride), so when I stumbled across a guide to making a steadycam mount for a bike, my curiosity was instantly set ablaze.

The creator explains:

I wanted to shoot some video while riding my road bike, but didn’t want to deal with a helmet mounted camera and of course I didn’t want to hold the camera in my hand. An initial attempt at mounting the DV camera was totally unsatisfactory, so my next step was to build my own “steadicam” camera mount that would absorb some of the shock, providing a better quality video.



I haven’t yet seen the device in action, nor have I seen any video of it working, and I’m not entirely convinced that it will: There are no dampers involved here, just a spring, which means that the initial bump would be absorbed, but as the spring brings the camera back into place, you’d still get a pretty big bump. He is on the right way to creating an on-bike steadicam, though, which is a laudable an dexciting project in itself.

So, without further jibber-jabber: Check out the DIY: Bicycle – Steady Cam – mount project at Instructables!

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