Brilliant in black and white - December's competition winner

Wow! December 2012's black and white themed installment saw the most ever entries to our competition. Thank you so much everyone who submitted a picture. It was a delight to look through them to select a winner.

After a lot of deliberation–there were, afterall, a lot of pictures–we decided that Almost Gone by Rob-Shanghai should take the spoils of a 12 inch Fracture. We loved the story, the composition was great, and we felt that it made the most of being in black and white.

almost gone

Congratulations Rob!

However, seeing as there were so many entries, we only thought it fair to name some runners up, too.

And we have:

Sweep's Festival, Rochester.

Sweep's Festival, Rochester, by Tim Allen - pin-sharp and beautifully framed.

Monterey Fog

And Monterey Fog, by Luca Pisanu - haunting and delicate.

You're a super lot.

We're taking a hiatus from the competition for January, but we'll be back in February, and we hope you will be, too!