Boomf: your Instagram on a marshmallow

Some things you read about and go 'Yeah!' Some things you read about and go 'Yeaaaah!' And then there are some things that you read about and go 'Yeeeahhhh?' I'm not entirely certain where Boomf's venture into printing your Instagram images on marshmallows leaves me. 'Mmmm...yeaahh..?' For £12, you can have nine marshamallows emblazoned with your very own Instagram shots, ready to toast over a bonfire or melt into hot chocolate. You log in via your Instagram account, select your images (but not the darker ones, they don't come out too well), pays your money, and wait for them to drop through your letterbox. Omnomnom.

Screen Shot 2013-11-27 at 08.11.27

What do you reckon, good for children's parties and wedding favours?


At present, Boomf is a UK-only venture, but they are planning on going international at some point; and they only come in vanilla flavour right now but they're cooking some new ones, too.

Mashmallow and whipped cream

Now, who's going to be the first to Instagram their Instagram marshamallow?

(Headsup to DesignTaxi)

Update! Now shipping to Europe and North America!