Best pictures - ever!


A friend of mine sent me a link the other day, and I’ve been deeply fascinated by it – and its concept – ever since. The website is known as ‘best pic ever’, and it’s probably a pretty good description of what the site does – and what it does really quite well.

Click on ‘random image‘, and you’re offered a series of weird and wonderful images. Some of them are truly some of the most creative photographs I have seen in my life. Others are less technically proficient, but are still likely to make you grin broadly.

Not all is well in paradise, however: Where are the photos coming from?

bestever-2.jpgThe site is a bloody good good source of inspiration – have a click-about, and explore the wonderful world of creative photography – as I said, the random image section will have you boggling for hours, and the ‘popular‘ list offers some insight into what the rest of the internet finds exciting.

“But, it’s a great site”, I hear you cry, “why don’t you like it?”

I don’t wanna be a spoilsport, but the site worries me more than a little: sure, the photos are amazing, but I can’t help but wonder where they all came from.

Paying for a selection of photos like this would be very expensive indeed – the stock value of this level of professional photography is immense – far higher than the level of advertising on the website would dictate. Of course, in the crazy Web 2.0 times, it’s always possible that the people running the website are doing so with capital investment money, but I doubt it…

(The photos used in this article are from iStockphoto.)

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