August Photo Competition Winner!


It seems that our usual competition judges Daniela “Editor Extraordinaire” Bowker and Haje “International Man of Mystery” Jan Kamps have gone AWOL, leaving I, Gareth “Owns A Camera, Likes Faces” Dutton to judge August’s photo competition. After Daniela made no less than ten posts announcing ten cameras over two days on Small Aperture, she began to think her hands were small, affordable yet robust compacts with in-camera effects options. I asked her if she’d like to judge this month’s photo competition but I couldn’t get any sense out of her whatsoever: I just left her there poking the palm of her right hand, muttering “how do you turn the flash off?”. As for Haje, he’s almost definitely off doing something cool and brilliant in a place I’ve never been to – I bet he’s photographing a magic bear whilst whizzing down a zipline made of singing gold thread in El Salvador. Sorry? Get on with what, exactly? Oh the competition, right.

This month’s theme was “texture” and we had some great shots to choose from. The entire experience was, quite frankly, texturific. We eventually pared it down to a handful and then agreed upon a winner:

Bark by Herve Sliwa

Congratulations to Herve Sliwa on winning our August photo comp – be sure to get in touch with Daniela to claim your prize! We also felt an honourable mention should go to J.C Chang for his entry:

Mud Curls by J.C Chang

Thanks for the entry J.C and thanks to everyone for their contributions. If you didn’t quite make it this time, never fear – keep trying and submit another pic for our September competition which will be announced in a week’s time. The harder you try, the better you’ll get!