Are selfies on the wane?

Well, if you share your photos on EyeEm, they are

Image-sharing-and-selling site EyeEm has just released its 2015 data review, analysing everything from which were the most popular subjects by country (love in Brazil; street photography in Spain, the UK, and South Korea) to the most-used camera brand (Apple, wouldn't you know). And with 15 million users in 150 countries, there are plenty of statistics to go on.

Perhaps the most interesting, however, is the sharp decline in the number of selfies appearing on EyeEm. They're down 40% on the number posted last year, suggesting that people are beginning to fall out of love with photos of themselves. At least, the good folk of EyeEm are, anyway.

If you're interested in what's on the up, it's architectural shots (up 34%) and photos taken of nature, up a massive 40% on last year's figures. So it seems as if people are taking a bit more notice of their environment.

By putting to use its aesthetic algorithm, EyeEm has been able to assign a score to each country for turning out the most visually appealing images. It was the UK which took the top spot, suggesting its a well-spring of photographic talent.

The questions now are: do the EyeEm trends reflect what you've seen across social media in 2015, and do they represent how you've been taking photos this year? Answers in a comment!