Adobe updates Photoshop Touch

For anyone who uses Adobe's Photoshop Touch on their tablet, there are a few updates waiting for you with version 1.4. For anyone who was thinking about installing it on their baby-tablets, then the latest version is optimised for your iPad Minis and Nexus 7s.

In addition, there's now support for three iPad-compatible styli, the Pogo Connect, the Jot Touch, and the Jaja Stylus. You can share your completed images with Facebook and Twitter direct from the app in new ways. Some new effects have been added, including lens flare and stamp patterns. And there have been some enhancements to performance and workflow: brush strokes should be smootherand there's a new colour selection workflow.

If you're already using Photoshop Touch, the update is free. If you'd like to download it and give its tablet-ised image editing magic a whirl, it's £6.99 ($9.99) from the Apple App Store or Google Play.