A Steadicam for your iPhone

So apparently there are people out there who take videos with iPhone seriously enough that they are willing to part with £170 (US$280 / EUR190) in order to ensure that the shaky-cam quality is removed, and replaced with a helping measure of steadicam goodness.

As far as I can tell, this is basically a heavy thing in which you can mount your iPhone, which adds enough inertia to your movements so it filters out some of the shakies.

I'm sure it works well - after all, the light weight of the iPhone is probably one of the chief reasons why you get shaky camera footage - but I can't help but ask myself WHY? 

Anyway, if you want to open yourself to ridicule from yours truly, you can get one of these gadgets on Firebox.com. But be warned: If I spot you on the street with one of these, I will make fun of you.