A new meaning to 'tele-photo'


Mobile telephones start having better and better phones – most of them are currently between two and three megapixels, and the vast bulk of them even have digital zooms on them. But what about optical zoom? Well, not a lot of that, yet…

At first, I shunned cell phone cameras, but after I bought a decent-quality Sony Ericsson with a 2mpx camera, I’ve actually used it quite a few times. Quality still leaves something to be desired, but some times it’s better to have a bad photo than not to have a photo at all.

Now, it seeems as if the accessory companies are warming up to the idea of camera phones, with a series of telephoto lens attachments for cell phones. Tele-Phone, meet Tele-Photo… 


The units are made by Brando, and are available for sale right now.

Itching to get in close with your cameraphone? Check out this telescopic lens attachment, which turns your Nokia or Sony Ericsson into a zooming machine. Slightly more conspicuous than just snapping off a shot normally, the lens pops onto the back with a mount, and gives you up to 6x optical zoom.

Find out more, and see some example shots, check out Esato, Digital Lifestyles, and over at Gizmodo UK.

The lenses are available from Brando.

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