A bit of a change at Small Aperture


Over the summer, Team Small Aperture has lived through some really exciting changes. Haje and his lovely Other Half have moved to a new continent; Gareth and his lovely Other Half are expecting a baby; and I quit my day job and became a social hermit in order to write a book. (If I’d had an Other Half, lovely or otherwise, he’d have left me and cited abandonment. Thankfully I don’t.) And through all of this, we received an offer from Pixiq asking us very nicely if Small Aperture would like to join forces with them. We thought about the offer carefully; after all, we’ve worked hard here, and we don’t want to relinquish anything that we’ve striven to create and develop, but it did have its advantages. The decision wasn’t at all cut-and-dried.

Eventually, though, after extensive discussions amongst ourselves and with the team at Pixiq, we’ve decided to accept their offer. From our perspective, it gives us the latitude to be able to do what we do best: take photos and write. We don’t need to worry about maintaining servers, about the site collapsing around our ears, or about financing things. We can get on with our very new lives with a bit more certainty.

From your perspective, very little changes. You still get to hear what we have to say about new cameras, about workshops and exhibitions, about books, about anything that’s even vaguely related to photography. The monthly competition will continue. And we’ll continue to be as irreverent, disparaging, excited, cynical, and hyperactive as we’ve always been. You won’t even have to change your RSS feed.

We’re very excited to be joining Pixiq, and admittedly a little bit sad to be leaving behind the black and turquoise Small Aperture design. But we hope that you’ll stay with us the for the ride, because it’s going to be awesome.