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For the longest time, I’ve thought that I wouldn’t have it in me to do a 356 project – i.e. a photo per day for a whole year. If I think about the past five years, for example, there has never been a whole year where I would have been consistently able to post a photo per day. I mean, hell, my whole Flickr stream dates back to August 2006 and only 728 photos in it. That’s an average of 0.6 photos per day or so.

I’m not even sure if I want to subject the world to a project like that. I don’t really like posting photos to Flickr that I’m not reasonably happy with (even though I, too, have a load of junk in my Flickr stream, of course)… Could I really get 365 photos together over the course of a year?  

Then I started to think. I mean, I have a lot of respect for people who pull off ambitious projects, and I’ve seen shots from 365 projects that are creative, fun, moving, intense, moody, acrobatic, inspirational, retro-tastic, and ethereal.

How many days in 2010?

So, for 2010, I have decided to join the fray. And Randy made the silly suggestion of being my running mate, which gave me an idea… Perhaps more people fancy joining in.

Since there is no way in heaven or hell that I’ll be able to post a photo a day for a whole year, I can’t make that commitment. What I can do, however, is that I will post 365 photos to my Flickr stream in 2010. I’ll even make an attempt to post an average of 30 photos per month. I might even manage to do an average of 7 photos per week. And hey, even if I fail miserably, I could turn my attempt into a custom calendar – a perfect gift idea with the holiday season coming up!

That sounds like a lot of mathematics…

One of my less hopeless self-portraits of 2009, taken in Vietnam (clicky for bigger)

… And how do I know whether I’m running behind or not? Well, of course, there had to be a geeky solution: I made a simple counter to keep me (and you, if you like) on track… So if my 365/2010 project has fewer photos in it than the counter would indicate, feel free to give me a firm kick up the jacksie to keep me going!

I need more running mates!

As mentioned, Randy offered to join the fray, but I’d like to keep track of more of you guys who are about to start a project for 365… Post a comment, send me an e-mail, poke me Twitter, send me some smoke signals, or organise a carrier pigeon to let me know!

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